Point System Rules:

We are excited to announce the final rules for the Visionary Builders (VB) Rewards Points System. This system is designed to reward the engagement and loyalty of VBs ONLY. Below are the key points and guidelines: icin icin

VB Rewards Points System Overview:

1. Eligibility:

  • The system will only be available to VBs.

2. Earning Points:

  • A person will earn 1 point for every $1 spent in the NvisionU store during the enrollment process, or in the back-office shop.
  • Vision Lifestyle members will earn double points (2X) on any eligible purchases.*(Eligible purchase is any fully paid order that a Visionary Builder places via the website, enrollment process, or back office store.This includes products, services, and event tickets. Only swag items bought directly from www.nvisionu.com website or back office shop will qualify the Visionary Builder to earn points.)
  • Points are awarded 7 days after the qualifying activity is completed.

3. Points Value:

  • Each point is worth 0.05 cents for redemption purposes. (For example, if you have earned 50 points, you will have earned $10 in redemption value.)

4. Point Redemption:

  • Points can only be redeemed on Group Trips organized by our company.
  • The minimum number of points required to redeem is 100 points.
  • The maximum redemption value is $500.

5. Point Expiration:

  • Points will expire after 1 year if they are not used ("use it or lose it" policy).