Are Spray Vitamins Better Than Pills? icin icin

Pills are often bulky and hard to swallow. Once you get them down, they are difficult to digest and can take more than 30 minutes or longer to feel the effects. They are tough to carry or store, filled with chemicals, binders, and fillers, and always taste horrible.

The Best way to fix this is not to take them at all. We created our spray vitamins to avoid these common problems with pill vitamins. Our spray vitamins are quick and fast to use and offer instant absorption. You won’t have to worry about bad taste as they are delicious and carry no bad aftertaste. They are easy to carry and store, and while 9x more effective than pills, you will feel the effects in as little as 30 seconds.

How do I use the sprays? icin icin

The quick and easy way to use the sprays is to pop the top off your sprays and then open your mouth and lift your tongue. Spray 2 sprays under your tongue and then wait for the sprays to take effect.

How Do the Courses Work? icin icin

Our Digital Learning Platform (DLP) delivers the best digital education available on the internet. Using our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), we put the power of digital entrepreneurship and learning in your hands. In just a few minutes or hours a day, you’ll get access to exclusive, never before seen content on a wide array of topics dealing with success, entrepreneurship, and wealth building - from educators who have scaled the ladder of success.

Will There be Online Meetings? icin icin

Yes, the courses include live educator sessions done on a bi-weekly basis.

Will I Be Able To Ask Questions? icin icin

Yes, you will have access to all the course materials to be able to review, and you will also be able to attend Question and Answer sessions where you can get answers to your questions.

Will I have a Mentor? icin icin

Yes, everyone gets a mentor in their particular course to help them along the way. This gives them the ability to learn from someone who has already been there.

What is NVisionU? icin icin

NVisionU is a globally integrated wellness and online education company that helps people look, feel and live their best with products that combine the best of science, technology, and nature, including an innovative learning platform where you can start a new business in under 30 days.

What Kind of Business is NVisionU? icin icin

NVisionU is a direct-selling business. The company sells nutrition and online learning products. NVisionU is family-owned, financially stable, and led by a diverse global management team that supports NVisionU Independent Business Owners and their goals. NVisionU is built on principles, people, and products and has plans to impact over a billion people worldwide.

What Makes NVisionU Different? icin icin

We bring a new and exciting approach to the world of business through creative advancements in both health and wealth. Our health and wealth products will impact the spirit, body, and soul. Not only do we have innovative products you can take, but we also have products that you can go to and make even more money by starting a brand-new digital business.